Ewanrigg Community Choir was started by a group of ladies in Maryport, Cumbria who simply wanted to form a choir.

Sandra Carswell, the choir administrator, writes

 "We met at another choir 2 years ago and became friends socially. I asked others if they would be interested in forming a new choir with me and it  happened.

While building up the choir, gaining premises and application for funding we met up once a week to form a committee, sing and put money into our pot for the future. 

Along the way we had two hold ups for a musical director, had a newspaper articles looking for musical support before the Idea impossible happened and we were given the miracle in the form of Ian Kellett..hooray.

Ewanrigg Trust gave us premises and funding and the story continues!"

As well as regular workshops there are taster sessions and special guest workshops which offer different approaches, insights and ideas.

Contact Details

Ewanrigg Community Choir
Ewanrigg Community Centre
Ennerdale Road
CA15 8HN

tel:  01900 818877


Email: sandracarswell1@gmail.com
Website: www.ecchoir.co.uk